This guide will help you to prepare and understand the Hashicorp Terraform Associate certification from basics. Terraform certification is intended for automation engineer who are having automation skills. Certification will show your capability in IT industries to write, manage and deploy infrastructure as Code (IaC).

Terraform Associate Certificate

Why Terraform?

You might have question there are many IAC (Infrastructure as Code) in market why only we should focus in Terraform, reason behind that terraform is platform agnostic. In simple words, we can use terraform for multi providers by making changes to API calls for specific providers. We don’t have to learn any new tool as…

Studying toward your GCP PCA certification

Google Cloud

Hi Cloud enthusiast,

This will help you to know everything about GCP PCA exam and prepare for it, which is one of the emerging certificates in IT industry. GCP professional certification not only focuses on GCP specific services but over all the skills that one should have to be called as an Professional Cloud Architect.

ACE Certification Aug 2020

Google has their roots in IT from ages, now they are moving towards capturing to cloud market as well with their strong infrastructure already in place.

You might be certified or using AWS cloud already and planning to be part of multi cloud environment expert as more customers are adapting to build the infrastructure in multi-cloud architecture.

So, let me share the basic difference between AWS cloud and GCP Cloud.

Comparison between AWS Solutions Architect and GCP Associate Cloud Engineer.

  • AWS has vast list of services and continuously keep on building new services periodically for their customers. It helps AWS…

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